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Rosewood Botanical Diffuser

Rosewood Botanical Diffuser

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Energising and uplifting, the gorgeous blend of Rosewood, Rosemary & Geranium will revitalise and recharge you! The release of anxiety and stress from the rosewood blends perfectly with the focus and mind power associated with rosemary. Together they create the ideal partnership to the wonderfully stress relieving effects of the gorgeous geranium.

Beautiful, clean, elevating and incredibly intoxicating; a gorgeous fragrance to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

To use, place the rattan reeds into the bottle allowing the perfume to be drawn up through the reeds to fragrance the room. To increase the scent, remove the reeds and place them upside down in the bottle. As there is no alcohol, they don’t’ evaporate, and can last for months.

100ml with up to 12 months of fragrance!

Be careful when turning the reeds to keep the oil off of any walls or porous surfaces

Keep out of direct sunlight

Wash hands after handling

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