Now is the time to throw open the windows, let in a soft breeze of fresh air and give our homes a spruce up.  Adding freshness with colour and patterns gives our homes a happy feel and these fabrics are our top picks to do just that!

Clarke & Clarke X Breegan Jane Malindi Palm

Images courtesy of Jane Churchill showing the Wilder Collection.

 Top Tips for mixing patterns:

1. Choose a hero design.  This will be the one that caught your eye first, that instant attraction that tugs at your heart not your head.  Don't overthink it, go with what you love.

Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke of their Secret Garden Collection

2. Mix scales.  Use proportion to alternate "loudness" of a pattern.  Small designs take the volume down whilst large scale designs crank up the volume.

Image Showcasing Protea courtesy of Sanderson

3. Punctuate with plains. Give the eye relief and create pauses between your patterns with plain breaks.  You will find that this helps the patterns to showcase themselves even better if the tone of the plain is well chosen.

Still Life Collection courtesy of Villa Nova

4. Keep to a palette of colours.  Consistency is key if the scheme is a busy one. Keeping to the same colours and tones allows the compilation to work together rather than compete.

Image Courtesy of  Romo Group

So, come and spend some time browsing our collection books and discover a new love for pattern!


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