Feel like a change but short on time?  Mini paint projects are the answer!  A manageable task that gives maximum impact will be a satisfying way to spend an evening or weekend.

Paint your ceiling a darker shade. 

By adding drama to the top of the room you can master an intimate change of atmosphere.  Bring the colour down the wall a little, to around picture rail height, and create a cosy, cocooning feel to the space.  This treatment is ideal for bedrooms and their soothing requirements.  Bathrooms benefit too as a coloured ceiling becomes an antidote to white tiles and sanitaryware.  To create balance, do remember to echo the ceiling colour in the floor treatment.  Rugs are ideal for this task.

Make a statement with colour blocking.

If you have a plain, featureless wall and a handful of tester pots, consider using them up as complementary shades in regular shapes to fill the void.  Always work with your existing scheme and be sure not to overdress the one area with detail.  The aim is to complete a look not to confuse it.

Add a bold pop of colour to an item of furniture.

Sometimes all a room needs is an injection of contrast.  This is an opportunity to take an item already in the room and make it the star.  A chair, bookcase even a vase are good subjects for such a treatment.  So go ahead, choose your item and splash on the colour!  

Outline the detail.

Some rooms have structural features that lend themselves to being noticed.  If you have unusual slopes or nooks, change the perception of the space by adding colour here.  If however, you have a blank box, try painting skirting, door trims or coving with thin lines of colour.  An outline can emphasise mouldings this way and adds an unexpected level of detail to everyday architecture. 

Not every update needs to be an intimidating DIY marathon.  Instead of being put off completely, start with small projects and see what a difference you can make to your home without the drama.

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Images courtesy of Sanderson Design Group
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