When the season warms and the sun starts to shine, we need to make the most of it.  So take a note of these tips and see how you can help let the light in to your home.

Mirrors, Mirrors!  Take all the light you have and bounce it around the room with mirrors or mirrored surfaces.  This is the easiest way to maximise brightness simply by thoughtful placement of your shiny and glossy accessories.

Another tactic to use is that of illusion.  Clear some space: leave some wall space empty, remove clutter from window sills and use open furniture designs such as wicker or rattan.  Seeing through or past items in a room creates a feeling of airiness that we subconsciously associate with a bright environment.  Think of the time you could save with dusting too without the knick-knacks to work around!

Once you have physically created as much space as your room allows, try borrowing some extra.  Uncover the glass by removing heavy window treatments and replace them with billowing sheers.  Such a fabric addition will add all the softness a room needs without bringing blackness.  Keep patterns simple and unfussy to avoid the eye lingering and distracting from the big picture.

Linking your scheme colours to the view outside also encourages an easy transition for the eye.  Utilise a tunnel of light and the spaces will begin to link seamlessly in to one larger area.  Think of using soft blue greys of the sky or mellow muted greens for trees or botanical boundaries, even warm stone whites copied from surrounding buildings will work.  Obviously keeping to the paler scale of colour helps to promote a feeling of breathing space, but colour itself need not be avoided.  Choose a shade carefully considering the aspect of your room and you will benefit from the addition.  

Don't let the season pass you buy.  The opportunity to embrace the light is here now spring has arrived.

 Images courtesy of Sanderson Design Group


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