Real flowers are not for everyone.  If you have allergies, pets, delicate antiques or are simply away for days on end, faux florals can be the answer to your botanical prayers.  You don't however, have to settle for second best.  We have in stock, some exceptional "real feel" stems that will bloom all summer long.















Image courtesy of Sanderson Design Group

So what does "real feel" mean?  Actually, it is exactly as the name implies: A luxury range of faux flowers that feel just like the real thing. Each petal of these flowers have been coated to resemble the look and feel of their fresh flower originals. The attention to detail is exceptional and that is why we love them.   Even the bees will be fooled.....









These stems can be an investment but will pay you back in longevity of service.  Classic blossoms, such as roses, peonies and hydrangeas are timeless.  They fit effortlessly into contemporary or traditional arrangements.  You can evoke a cottage garden mix or use them as standalone statements with dramatic effect.  Let them work to your scheme then sit back and admire!

If you build a faux flower collection over time, you will have a catalogue of possibilities at your fingertips for every season.  Consider tucking in rosehips and berries or dried grasses and twiggy stems to transition the arrangement in to autumn.  Or how about creating an abundant table center piece for Christmas with rusty holly, ivy and some gold painted leaves?

Pop in to the store and see.... and feel ..... these super florals for yourself.

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