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Colour Story : Ever Green

Colour trends come and go and are usually bold and vivid statements championed by Design Houses.  The buying public however, have an altogether more liveable preference.  As society emerges further from the trials of the pandemic, life is no longer confined to our immediate surroundings.  We have much missed the freedom of exploring, so it is no surprise that the response to the limitations has resulted in a reflection of the outside in our homes and a rise in dream green schemes.

Green is the universal symbol of growth and in this particular period of time, also represents a fundamental need to revert back to the cycles of nature and appreciate the reassurance of life after a long, hard winter.  Soothing, restful, grounding and capable of enveloping us in a cocoon of calm, the verdant reflections of green around us are the perfect shade to bring indoors as a balm for our long confinement.  But will it work in our homes?

There is, of course, a tone of green to suit every season.  Spring is celebrated in the vibrant limes of fresh buds and the optimism of unfurling leaves.  Summer reflects the silver sages slumbering in sparkling sunshine.  While Autumn brings us rich, relaxed, rusty olives that are the perfect foil for the fiery display of the changing leaves.  And then, in the depth of Winter, we discover the comforting, drenching depth of forest hues.  Pine trees, Ivy and Holly have dominated the celebrations of the season because of their innate display of glossy colourful health in a time of somewhat monochrome bleakness.

So how best to transpose these sentiments into our homes? And will we have to keep it purely green?  Start with picking the season that speaks to you most.  Which colour mood reflects your lifestyle, your aspirations, your place of comfort? Then expand from there.  A green scheme does not need to be green alone to provide the healing benefits of this colour.  The blue and green mixes of the sea for example, offer a complementary scheme that brings light and airiness to a room.  Add in a touch of lemon yellow and your house will feel like a summer day all year long.

If a stronger look is more to your taste, contrast your deep green with pink or orange for drama and picture yourself in a lush enveloping tropical jungle.  Whatever you choose, let it reflect you and your taste. 


In addition to incredible versatility, green is so easy to layer.  Looking out at on a country vista proves just how many tones and shades can work together in absolute harmony.  Nature knows best and provides a masterclass in creating depth and interest in your room by attention to detail.  Whether you have a complete scheme in mind or a small refresh, consider green as the timeless choice; the new neutral foundation to your home and watch it bloom and grow into your own personal haven. 

Just ask for further details, we are always happy to help.

All Images Courtesy of: Colefax & Fowler, Sanderson Design Group & Romo Group

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