Our COVID-19 Policy

In order to restrict and reduce the risk of infection in the workplace, we will:


  • Have systems in place that assess the risk of and prevent, detect and control the risk of infection and ensure sufficient resources are available to secure effective prevention and control of infection
  • Ensure employees are provided with suitable information, instruction, training and supervision in the precautions to follow
  • A suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out with respect to prevention and control of infection
  • Ensure an appropriate standard of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained throughout the premises
  • Ensure there is suitable and sufficient hand washing facilities and antimicrobial hand rubs where appropriate
  • Conduct business with clients/customers by phone and email
  • In the event of face to face meetings, ensure that facilities are suitable to minimise the spread of infection eg allowing a distance of more than two metres between participants


We will apply the following procedure to control the risk of Covid-19 in the workplace:


  • Strongly recommend that employees follow any Government guidance published on self-isolation/quarantine
  • Prioritise cleaning, paying particular attention to the cleaning and disinfecting of toilets, handles, support handrails, taps and wash basins, door handles and frequently used surfaces
  • Ensure staff pay strict attention to infection control procedures, in particular to the washing of hands and the wearing of protective clothing if required
  • Provide and use antibacterial hand wash in all hand washing areas and in public areas
  • Receive external advice, if necessary.