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Using Home Soft Furnishings To Complete A Room

Your interior design is never complete until you have added that extra unique touch with furnishings such as throws, rugs, cushions and bedding. These can make a room, and dependant on what you use and how you use it, they can create the perfect heaven of style. Especially this winter, the need for an array of cushions, rugs and blankets is a must have! You can keep warm and be stylish at the same time with some beautiful soft furnishing products.


Sometimes it’s a very difficult thing to do; saying no to beautiful cushions. So why not just give in to the desire and discover a few secret tricks to arranging and choosing the correct cushions for your space. To be honest, there isn’t a science to it, it’s more of an art and is a case of trial and error.

A Great tip for your cushions is to ‘chop’ them. I’m not referring to literally cutting them up, but all you have to do is a karate chop action to create a v in the top of the cushion. You might feel a bit strange doing this, but it makes the area look more inviting and less rigid. This works best with feather filled cushions. Our cushions are mainly filled with feathers, and we offer some perfect square ones to complement a sofa or bed.

These fantastic cushions can be found here, here and here

Have you ever wondered how many cushions is too many cushions? If you go by the ratio of 2:2:1, this is faultless and can be interpreted from a bed arrangement to a sofa display. Begin with 2 cushions of the same size and colour theme at the back, then 2 smaller cushions in front of these in a complementary colour, finishing with a smaller statement cushion at the very front. At Tessera we have some great stand out cushions, which can be found here.

You can find these specific products here, here and here

For a more relaxed, informal vibe, try grouping the cushions in the corner of the sofa, and be sure to work in odd numbers. A group of 3 or 5 cushions is more visually pleasing than an even number.

Don’t forget to consider your colour scheme or theme in the chosen room before delving in with cushions and other soft furnishings, especially the sofa. You don’t want your sofa colour clashing with the cushions. An arrangement of cushions that are a similar tone can work really well and complement the sofa. If you want to create a more vivid style, be sure to contrast your colours and clash. This can work too!

Throws & Blankets

Using throws can really complement your cushions and other soft furnishings. They are not just style setters, but they are functional too. There many uses include using as a protector. Especially if you have pets, they can look great, complement or stand out from the seat and also be a great perch for your furry friend.

One way you may not think of how to use a throw is over your bed headboard. Place it in the centre and keep it in place with Velcro. This can add style and something a little different to your bedroom.

A throw can add colour to neutrals, or the opposite. By draping one over a chair it can create a relaxed and cosy feel, especially if it has fringe. This also works by draping a throw on a bed. Especially as we are getting into the colder seasons, warmth and cosiness is a must have, and we can provide this look. You can shop our range of throws here.


These products can be found here, here and here

Here at Tessera, we offer a made to measure service for cushions, upholstery and other soft furnishings, with a large range of fabrics suitable for all. If you want any more inspiration or style tips, tailored to you, email us or pick up the phone and we will be more than happy to help.