LIGA is one of the lovely new suppliers we have at Tessera. They love and believe in eco living.

We have a variety of coastal cork placemats and coasters, including whales, fish, jelly fish, sea urchin, scallops and waves. Cork is a natural product harvested from tree bark every seven years, without harming the Cork Tree. It is sustainable, renewable and recyclable. You can wipe clean as it's water impermeable. Placemats are £5.00 each and coasters £2.50 each, available to mix and match.

Botanical Candles & Room Sprays

We also have the Botanical Candles. They are specially made with natural fragrances of Mandarin, Lime, Grapefruit and Basil to not only smell gorgeous but to boost and invigorate your mind. They are packed with goodness and smell and look amazing throughout their seventy hours of burn time.

The Oyster Candles are our best seller and they are the perfect gift for someone special. The candles are handmade in Cornwall, making each shell unique in size and colour. They are packed in beautiful presentation boxes and available in boxes of 2.


Bring the outside in with our Elemental Candles and Diffusers. Available in three scents - OCEAN - Citrus Breeze & Driftwood, BEACH - Bergamot, Orange & Vanilla, ROCK - Sandalwood & Mandarin. They look stylish and smell wonderful.