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We have a large variety of realistic-looking artificial flowers available in store.

We're interested in the origin and history of flowers, so we have decided to do some research!

Cherry blossoms originated in Japan. Cherry trees were planted as a symbol of friendship. A flowering cherry tree is called Sakura. We have White Cherry Blossom Spray available both online and in store.

Bird of Paradise, also known as Strelizia, is native to Southern Africa. They can grow between 1m and 1.5m from rhizomes. Their leaves are oblong, concave, stiff, leathery and resemble feathers. You can shop our Bird of Paradise Stem online and in store, perfect for a tall vase!

Roses have been symbols of love, beauty, war and politics. They're 35 million years old and there are 150 different species in the Northern Hemisphere. They have been used as confetti, for medicinal purposes, as well as a source for perfume. We have a variety of roses in store, our favourites are the light pink rose stem.

Hydrangeas also originated from Japan. The name comes from Greek words "hydor" and "angos", which roughly translates to "water barrel". The name was given as the flower needs plenty of water and has a cup shaped flower. Some say that hydrangeas symbolises anything that's sincerely heartfelt. We have many hydrangeas available in store, we think these large lilac green ones are the most striking.

It's amazing where all the flowers have come from and what they represent. If you'd like information on any of our flowers, don't hesitate to get in touch.